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Custody Modifications

Over time, events can happen in life that make it difficult for you to keep your existing custody agreement and have it be beneficial to your child. If you need to make changes to a custody agreement, you should work with a lawyer. Attempting to handle matters on your own can create more challenges that ultimately could be costly.

At All American Law, we are ready to help protect your interests. We will work to make certain that you understand your options so you can make an informed decision for your future. At our Rancho Cucamonga law firm, we focus exclusively in the area of divorce, child custody and related family law matters.

How Do I Modify Custody In California?

Child custody modifications are not necessarily straightforward. Your situation should be evaluated by a skilled attorney who understands what's at stake and can explain what the courts are looking for. We have a proven track record working with parents and in getting established child custody and parenting plans modified under certain circumstances. Some situations that may make a custody modification necessary can include:

  • A parent getting a new job with new hours
  • Change in the child's schedule
    • Change in the child's day care or after-school care
    • Change in athletic activities
  • Medical needs of the child


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