Dividing Your Business In Divorce

When you own a business with your spouse and you decide to divorce, there are various steps that must be taken in order to protect your interests and ensure that your rights and assets are protected. You want to avoid any tax consequences and potential financial consequences that could affect the business.

At All American Law, we represent business owners and their spouses in divorce and property division matters. With every client, we take a proactive approach to finding a positive resolution. We recognize that you have immediate concerns, both financial and emotional, and long-term goals that you want to accomplish. We offer support and straightforward legal advice tailored to meet your needs.

Business Valuation

Our California attorneys work with business owners throughout the Inland Empire area. We have access to experts who can assist with business valuation, accounting issues and more. When you work with our law firm, we will take time to explain the procedures involved in properly valuating a business and how it affects your divorce case. We handle family business and asset division, property division disputes and other complex property division issues pertaining to business owners.

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