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Moving Away With Your Child

If you want to move away with your child, there are specific legal steps that you must follow. With help from an attorney, you can be certain that you follow all the rules and prevent legal challenges in the future. You can turn to All American Law for straightforward advice for dealing with custody modifications, parental relocation and related issues.

Handling A Move Away In California

Child custody and visitation (the parenting plan) need to be modified in order for a parent to move away with a child. If you want to move with your child, you will need to complete official documents to request a move away and work with a lawyer who can help to propose a custody modification. The court will not approve a move away simply because one parent wants to move. Rather, the move must be in the best interests of the child. There are various factors that will be considered before a decision will be made.

All American Law can guide you through the process, the considerations the court will make and advise on the likelihood of the move away being granted. If you are challenging a move away, we can represent your interests.

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