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August 2017 Archives

Community property in a California divorce

When two Californians marry, they may look forward to the combining of their lives and the mixing of their wealth and assets. Some individuals feel more comfortable when they are able to share their assets and burdens with another person; the ability to own property jointly with one's spouse is a benefit that married people can enjoy.

Child custody dispute may keep tennis star from competition

Victoria Azarenka was formerly ranked number 1 in the world for women's tennis. She is a well-known fixture on the international tennis circuit for her powerful performances at Grand Slam events. Recently, though, the tennis star has been in the news for something other than her athletic prowess: an ongoing legal battle over the custody of her young son.

We advocate for victims of domestic violence

Families are built upon foundations of love, trust and shared values. All throughout California, individuals rally together with their family members in order to weather tough times and to pull through challenges they may otherwise succumb to if they were on their own. For many, family is the constant that provides stability and safety in their otherwise chaotic lives.

How does a legal separation differ from a divorce?

Very recently, two popular California actors made their decision public to file for legal separation. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have been married for eight years and share one young son. This week, they announced through social media that they have been unable to sustain their relationship and that separation is their next step.

Know the difference between legal custody and physical custody

When California parents go through divorces or separations, they are left with the difficult task of deciding how best to divide their time with the children that they share. They may both want to have their children live exclusively in their homes or they may hold different opinions about how decisions should be made regarding their children's health and well-being. Where children live and how they are raised are general definitions of the two kinds of child custody that parents may secure when they separate themselves from their children's other parent - physical custody and legal custody.

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