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September 2017 Archives

What is a summary dissolution of marriage?

In California, there are two distinct paths that couples may take to end their marriages - summary dissolutions of marriage and traditional divorces. A traditional divorce takes a couple through negotiations to settle property disputes, custodial disagreements and financial conflicts, while a summary dissolution of marriage involves significantly more agreement on the part of the divorcing parties and streamlines the process for them. The remainder of this post will briefly discuss what a couple must achieve in order to pursue a summary dissolution of their marriage, but readers are asked to talk to their divorce attorneys if they hope to utilize this path to end their marriages.

Virtual visitation may be an option for your child custody plan

Nothing can replace the important time that a parent spends with their children. Any California parent who has had to spend time away from their kids knows how much a parent can miss in just a short time away. For parents who do not have physical custody of their children, being away from their kids between scheduled visitation times can be excruciating.

Know your property rights during your divorce

Most Californians know that a divorce returns two married people to the legal status of single. They may understand that divorce requires married parents to make agreements and concessions about how they will spend time with their children, as well as if and how one of the soon-to-be ex-spouses will provide the other with financial support in the form of alimony.

What can a protective order do for a victim of domestic violence?

As previously discussed on this blog, domestic violence is a serious problem that does not discriminate. It impacts families of every financial, social, racial and ethnic background. It can take on different forms and cut its victims down physically, emotionally and mentally. For those who suffer under its pressures, escaping domestic violence can seem impossible.

The business of divorce could impact your California business

Are you a California small business owner? You know how difficult it is to start, build and sustain a small business, and the end of your marriage could pose a risk to everything you have worked so hard to build. However, with preparation and a clear focus on a strong post-divorce future, you can protect your business assets and shield yourself from unnecessary complications. 

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