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What can a protective order do for a victim of domestic violence?

As previously discussed on this blog, domestic violence is a serious problem that does not discriminate. It impacts families of every financial, social, racial and ethnic background. It can take on different forms and cut its victims down physically, emotionally and mentally. For those who suffer under its pressures, escaping domestic violence can seem impossible.

However, the California Family Code provides victims of domestic violence with some options for seeking legally enforceable relief from their tormentors. A victim of domestic violence may request a restraining order from a California court that is immediately enforceable and limits the contact that an aggressor may have with their victim. A restraining order may be issued based on evidence of past abuse and may not be denied to a victim if that victim has left the household of the aggressor in order to avoid further abuse.

A restraining order can stipulate if and how an aggressor may have contact with their victim. It may outright bar communication, or it may limit communication between the parties to certain methods of contact. It may require an aggressor to maintain physical space between them and their victim, and failure of an aggressor to abide by the terms of the applicable order can result in legal sanctions.

Victims of domestic violence can discuss their cases with family law attorneys to determine if they are ready to pursue restraining and protective orders against their aggressors. When they are ready, they can utilize the knowledge and guidance of their legal representatives to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their future as they separate themselves from the violence that has affected their lives.

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