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A brief overview of California Child Support Guidelines

Though parents who are ordered to pay child support sometimes disagree, there are accurate and fair guidelines put in place by the state of California to calculate those payment amounts. The same formula is applied to every child support matter, and works based on not only income, but also the amount of time a child is with each party.

Obtaining a child custody modification in California

The requirements that must be met for a child custody modification to be approved by the Court differ by state. In California, if both parents agree, a modification can be accomplished by a simple agreement signed by both parties and submitted to a judge for approval. However, sometimes custody disputes can become difficult and even deadlocked arguments where neither parent is interested in a compromise. In these cases, there is a burden of proof placed on the party requesting modification to show that a change would be in the best interest of the child.

Protecting your small business in a divorce

California is one of the few states that still considers both income and assets within a marriage as community property. In other words, all property acquired during a marriage such as residential real estate, joint bank accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, and even personal household furnishings are considered to belong to both parties.

Heading to court? Get your custody definitions straight, first

When you and your spouse decided to divorce, you probably assumed you would face several challenges as you worked your way through the process. Especially where your children are concerned, issues are not always black and white, and many times, it takes a lot of negotiating and compromise before you can reach an agreement. Like most divorced parents in California, you likely want your children's best interests to be a central focus of your settlement.

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