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How a court defines the best interests of a child

In any legal matter, you will hear vague-sounding terms thrown around as though they have specific meaning. Often in discussions on matters of child custody we hear mention of a child's "best interests." So, what exactly does it mean, and how does a court define it?

Child custody and relocation

Situations is which a custodial parent wishes to move away with a child are often complex, and often require a child custody attorney to workout. Each of these situations are unique in their own way. Therefore, it is difficult to project which way a court will rule when it comes to modification of a custody order.

What to consider when discussing a post-divorce parenting plan

Effectively co-parenting after a divorce requires an ongoing, conscious effort by both parties. While a parenting plan should be part of every divorce negotiation involving children, there will inevitably be unforeseen situations that arise. A thorough, written agreement can prevent such situations from getting out of hand. Let's take a look at some key points made by Psychologists familiar with divorce that should be included to alleviate unnecessary disputes and damaging impulsive reactions.

Obtaining a child custody modification in California

The requirements that must be met for a child custody modification to be approved by the Court differ by state. In California, if both parents agree, a modification can be accomplished by a simple agreement signed by both parties and submitted to a judge for approval. However, sometimes custody disputes can become difficult and even deadlocked arguments where neither parent is interested in a compromise. In these cases, there is a burden of proof placed on the party requesting modification to show that a change would be in the best interest of the child.

Virtual visitation may be an option for your child custody plan

Nothing can replace the important time that a parent spends with their children. Any California parent who has had to spend time away from their kids knows how much a parent can miss in just a short time away. For parents who do not have physical custody of their children, being away from their kids between scheduled visitation times can be excruciating.

Child custody dispute may keep tennis star from competition

Victoria Azarenka was formerly ranked number 1 in the world for women's tennis. She is a well-known fixture on the international tennis circuit for her powerful performances at Grand Slam events. Recently, though, the tennis star has been in the news for something other than her athletic prowess: an ongoing legal battle over the custody of her young son.

Know the difference between legal custody and physical custody

When California parents go through divorces or separations, they are left with the difficult task of deciding how best to divide their time with the children that they share. They may both want to have their children live exclusively in their homes or they may hold different opinions about how decisions should be made regarding their children's health and well-being. Where children live and how they are raised are general definitions of the two kinds of child custody that parents may secure when they separate themselves from their children's other parent - physical custody and legal custody.

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