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Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Lawyer

Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Lawyer

Every year, thousands of child support cases unfold in California. The purpose of a child support determination is to ensure a child’s basic living needs are covered by both their parents. When unmarried parents decide not to live together or if married parents divorce, they must determine custody rights over their children and settle child support. Many parents in California hold misconceptions about how child support functions and many make the mistake of attempting to handle support determinations on their own. An experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what your situation entails.

rancho cucamonga child support attorney

Legal Counsel for Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Cases

All American Law offers comprehensive legal representation to parents facing child support disputes in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area. We understand that these cases are emotional and that not every family will face the same challenges in these cases. Our goal is to get to know our clients and carefully review the details of their situation, providing the best legal counsel possible through all phases of their case.

Benefits of Legal Counsel for Child Support Disputes

Child support cases are often contentious. A parent required to pay child support may feel as though the court’s determination is biased, and a recipient may have concerns about whether the amount of support they receive each month is sufficient to address their child’s needs. Whatever your case entails, reliable legal counsel from an experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer is a valuable asset in ensuring your children receive the support they legally deserve.

Your legal team can guide you through each facet of your child support case, whether it pertains to a larger divorce case or you’re facing a standalone custody and support determination as an unwed parent. All American Law believes in client-focused legal representation. We’ll take time to carefully review the details of your situation and help you approach the case with understanding and confidence.

If you attempt to handle a child support case on your own, you risk ending up with an untenable support agreement that will compel you to return to court in the future. Ultimately, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of expense, stress, and time by working with an experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer from the outset of your case.

rancho cucamonga child support lawyer

How Is Child Support Calculated in California?

It is essential to understand that the California family court system has the final say regarding child support in every case. The court will use a complex calculation method to determine each parent’s child support obligation, and the parents’ custody order determines which parent pays child support to the other. Typically, a higher-earning noncustodial parent always pays support to a lower-earning custodial parent. A noncustodial parent may need to pay support to a custodial parent even if the custodial parent earns more income than the noncustodial parent. Every case is unique, and it’s wise to understand how the court makes their child support determinations.

The first step in calculating child support is a comparative evaluation of each parent’s income and the tax deductions available to them. Next, the court will evaluate the child’s basic living expenses based on the cost of living in the area and the child’s needs. Once the court determines the total amount of financial support a child should receive from both of their parents combined each month, this figure is divided in half. The custodial parent is assumed to cover their half of child support by providing ongoing daily care for their child. The noncustodial parent must then make monthly payments to the custodial parent to cover their half of the total support obligation.

Can Child Support Be Changed?

The California family court system acknowledges that life is unpredictable, and unexpected life events can interfere with a parent’s ability to meet their child’s support obligations. It’s also possible for unforeseeable life events to influence a custody order. The family court system provides families with a relatively simple means of addressing such unexpected changes through the modification process. A parent can request reasonable and necessary changes to a family court order in response to recent life events with this process.

Some of the most commonly cited reasons for parents to request modifications to their child support orders include job loss, medical emergencies, and relocation. Whatever your unique situation may entail, a Rancho Cucamonga child support attorney can help you secure the changes you need to reflect your new circumstances. Your attorney can help you draft your petition for modification and guide you through the subsequent legal proceedings until you secure the changes you need. If your co-parent has requested an unreasonable or unnecessary modification to a support agreement, your legal team can help you counter their modification request.

What to Expect From Your Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Attorney?

Child support can easily generate heated legal disputes between parents in California, but all parents need to acknowledge the purpose of child support and their parental obligations. Many parents believe child support is unfair or biased, but the court has a legal duty to ensure a child’s best interests remain protected with every ruling the court delivers. If you have concerns as to how child support determination is likely to unfold in your case, it’s essential to speak with an experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer as soon as possible.

All American Law can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to approach your child support case with confidence and peace of mind. We’ll help you gather any necessary documentation you must provide to the court and guide you through your proceedings. We’ll help you prepare for all court appearances and ensure the case proceeds in alignment with California state law. We understand that any child support case is likely to raise difficult questions, and we want to help you navigate your case as efficiently as possible.

If you are preparing to divorce in the Rancho Cucamonga area, or if you are an unmarried parent preparing for a complex custody and support determination, All American Law is ready to assist you. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with an experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer.

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