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Your Family Law Issues Are Our Opportunities.

We handle the issues of your case so you can focus on your family.

It Takes Skill, Experience And Knowledge To Effectively Handle Family Law Matters

If you are facing divorce or another serious family law problem, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to turn to the right lawyer. Whether your family law matter involves filing for divorce, dealing with child custody and parenting rights or you need help with a domestic violence matter, the two attorneys will be here for you. Handling family law litigation requires more than just filling out forms and filing the paperwork. Our team offers a unique blend of experience and knowledge.

Who You'll Be Represented By

Our founder, Alan Carlisle, has been providing effective legal counsel for clients throughout the Inland Empire for more than 30 years. Christine James brings a fresh perspective on what today's families need in the way of legal services and outcomes. Her ability to handle modern technology that is so important in today's legal setting is key to moving your case through the process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Alan is the veteran attorney who brings a wealth of experience in the art of researching the unique issues that are part of divorce and family law cases. Together, they develop effective strategies that make a difference in the outcome of your case, whether at the negotiating table or in front of a judge in court.

We form a team that works for your benefit. We work smartly. We work efficiently. We work hard. Our goal for every client, on every case: We take the burden of your divorce or family law problem off your shoulders and place it onto our own. If you value being represented by experienced family law attorneys, get in touch with our firm by calling 1-800-700-WIN-1 or by completing a short form. Our office is located in San Bernardino County.