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Chino Hills Move Away & Relocation Lawyer

Chino Hills Move Away & Relocation Lawyer

Chino Hills Move Away & Relocation Attorney

Chino Hills Move Away & Relocation Lawyer
Chino Hills Move Away & Relocation Lawyer

Following the events of a divorce or paternity action, many parents will continue to live in close proximity in order to ensure that both parents have regular and meaningful contact with their children and can co-parent with minimal impact on the everyday lives of their children. However, relocation may become necessary due to various circumstances that arise after a divorce, which is why it’s vital to consult with a Chino Hills move away & relocation lawyer.

After a divorce, life must continue for both parents, and many different reasons can factor into a parent’s need to relocate. From job transfers or new employment opportunities to beginning new relationships or many other potential factors, a significant move can often disrupt previously agreed-upon parenting arrangements and require revisions or modifications.

What Is a Move Away Order?

In California, a move away order or relocation request typically happens when a parent wants to relocate out of state due to a new job opportunity, a new relationship, or caring for a sick parent.

According to the California Family Code Section 7501, a custodial parent has the presumptive right to change residences with a child unless that move directly interferes with the child’s rights or best interests. However, they must first provide written notice to the other parent of any plan to move away with the child at least 45 days in advance.

How Do California Judges Typically Handle Relocation Cases?

While some US states allow custodial parents to move within a certain geographical radius without the need for court intervention, California takes a much more flexible approach, as it does not have specific distance guidelines used to determine relocation cases.

When a CA family judge or custody court evaluates relocation cases, they will consider a number of relevant factors to determine what’s in the best interest of the child. Those factors can include the following:

  • Distance of the Move: The geographical distance involved in the relocation relative to the child’s current primary residence.
  • Reasons for Moving: The motivations behind the parent’s decision to relocate (employment, relationship, family, etc.).
  • Family Resources: The presence of extended family and availability of support networks for both the parent and child at the new location compared to the current one.
  • Child’s Well-Being: The child’s needs and whether or not they can be adequately met in the new location, as well as how the child feels about the move and their relationship with each parent.
  • Impact on Parent-Child Relationship: The impact on the child’s relationship with the non-moving parent as a result of the relocation.
  • Custodial Changes: If the relocation requires modifications to the previously agreed-upon custody agreement, then the implications of such changes will be considered.

Family law cases can be particularly complex and require careful consideration, especially given the sensitive and personal circumstances often involved. Whether you’re the parent who is moving or the non-moving parent involved in a child custody and relocation case, it’s essential to the success of your case and the overall well-being of your child that you consult with a reputable divorce lawyer in Chino Hills with direct experience handling California relocation cases.

All American Law boasts extensive experience in California divorce and move away cases, as well as a proven track record of success helping their clients and regain control of their lives and securing the necessary support that their family requires.

Move Away Attorney FAQs

Q: How Hard Is It to Get a Move Away Order in California?

A: Getting a move away or relocation order in California can be difficult and, ultimately, depends on many different factors. The overall circumstances of the case, the willingness of both parents to cooperate, and the best interests of the child involved are the primary factors that are typically taken into consideration by a judge during a relocation case.

Q: What Happens When the Non-Custodial Parent Moves Away From California?

A: When a non-custodial parent moves away from the state of California, it can have a significant impact on the previously established custody and visitation agreements. In some cases, the custodial parent may pursue legal intervention in order to address the situation and can request modifications to the custody and visitation agreements under the new circumstances. This can also lead to additional emotional distress for the child involved.

Q: What Are the Move Away Laws in California?

A: If you’re a parent considering moving away with your child, there are a number of different move-away laws in California. One of the most important laws is that you must provide the other parent, as well as their lawyer, official written notice of your place to relocate at least 45 days before the day that you intend to move away. Even with providing notice, a parent is only allowed to move a certain distance away without a written agreement from the other parent.

Q: How Do You Win a Move Away Case in California?

A: In order to have the highest chance of winning a move away case in Chino Hills, California, there are several things that must be done:

  • Discussing the relocation plan with the other parent beforehand and providing written notice
  • Understanding California move away laws
  • Constructing a strategic plan for your relocation case
  • Approaching the process in good faith and without the intent to undermine the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Consulting with an experienced child custody attorney.

All American Law: Your Trusted Chino Hills Divorce & Relocation Law Firm

If you are a parent seeking to move with your children or a parent who needs to protect your child while your co-parent intends to relocate, consult with a trustworthy law firm. An attorney with extensive experience handling relocation cases for Chino Hills families is critical to ensuring the most favorable outcome for you and your children.

At All American Law, we offer free consultations with a lawyer so that you can confidently explore all of your options and determine a solution that makes the most sense for you and your children. Co-parenting can be difficult, and life does not stop for either parent after a divorce.

Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation with our team.

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