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Chino Hills Child Support Lawyer

Chino Hills Child Support Lawyer

Chino Hills Child Support Attorney

Chino Hills Child Support Lawyer
Chino Hills Child Support Lawyer

Navigating the complex terms of child support and child custody arrangements can introduce challenging dynamics in a co-parenting relationship. By seeking the counsel of a Chino Hills child support lawyer, you can have the personalized support and insight you need to proceed confidently with your case. As unmarried parents, it is vital to the health and stability of your child’s upbringing to agree to certain terms in how to share responsibilities regarding your child’s care.

Many parents in Chino Hills, California are not aware of their full rights and responsibilities when negotiating the terms of child support. California state laws regarding child support can undergo frequent changes, and it is highly recommended you work with a qualified and experienced attorney who can maintain a current understanding of applicable family laws so you may know what’s to be expected of you as a parent, whether you are the one paying or receiving support.

What Is the Purpose of Child Support?

At its base, child support is intended to ensure that all of a child’s basic needs are met by their parents, regardless of physical custody. Child support arrangements make sure that each parent bears their portion of the financial responsibility associated with caring for these needs. The money provided through child support should be used to pay for necessities, including: 

  • Medical expenses
  • School expenses
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Extracurricular activity expenses

Parents should seek to provide their children with a well-rounded and safe environment for growing up by providing the necessary resources. Generally, the courts seek to divide this financial responsibility equally, with the custodial parent’s support presumed and the non-custodial parent’s support provided through a payment, typically each month.

Service Provided by Chino Hills Child Support Lawyers

Child support lawyers offer a variety of services to assist you as you navigate your child support case, including the following:

  • Case assessment. Upon initially meeting with a family lawyer, a thorough evaluation will be made to assess your case and advise you on the proper actions moving forward, keeping in mind local laws and regulations on child support.
  • Child support calculation. California law uses a specific formula to calculate the amount of child support required by each parent. Your child support lawyer can help you know what you could potentially expect to pay or receive, but the final amount will ultimately be determined by the judge presiding over your case.
  • Preparing and assessing child support arrangements. A detailed and thorough child support agreement can be drafted by a child support lawyer that ensures that all relevant issues and considerations are addressed. A previously drawn-up agreement can also be assessed for its fairness and legal standing.
  • Advocacy through representation in court hearings. Should your case go to a court hearing, a lawyer will represent you in the courtroom.
  • Implementing and adjusting orders. If legal intervention is required for any reason, such as to enforce payments or adjust term agreements, a family lawyer can help ensure that all agreements and requirements are met by each responsible party.

A Chino Hills child support lawyer offers these and additional support services to ensure the proper handling of your case, securing the essential financial support your child deserves.

Chino Hills Child Support FAQs

Q: What Is the New Child Support Law 2023 California?

A: The new child support law in California, going into effect in 2023, institutes an updated process for calculating child support payment amounts. This updated law creates an emphasis on the financial responsibilities being shared equally by both parents and takes visitation time and income into consideration, among other factors. The law also enables an efficient way to adjust payment amounts based on the shifting needs of the child as well as the changing financial situation of the adults.

Q: How Much Back Child Support Is a Felony in California?

A: Consistently failing to pay child support in California can lead to a felony charge if the back payment is $2,500 or more. If the amount of back pay is less than this number, other forms of mediation can be pursued before the situation reaches the point of criminal charges. It is important to act quickly if a pattern of unpaid child support is noticed by either parent in order to reduce the negative financial impact on their child.

Q: How Do I Sue for Child Support in California?

A: To sue for child support in California, file a support petition with the California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) or at a local courthouse location. The other parent will be served a legal notice about the petition, and negotiations will begin on child support conditions. If the parents are unable to agree upon the terms of the child support conditions, the court will schedule a hearing, where a judge will determine the conditions both parents must follow.

Q: What Is the Minimum Child Support in California?

A: In California, there is no specified minimum child support amount, as support payments are determined based on calculating both parents’ individual income. If one or both parents are experiencing unemployment or very low income, the support required can be lower. It is important to keep records of employment and specific income up-to-date to ensure that support that is due to your child is properly calculated.

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If you are navigating the complex task of participating in a child support case, the attorneys at All American Law can provide the comprehensive legal support you need. Whether you are experiencing a divorce and need to create the terms of a co-parenting agreement or are an unmarried parent in the process of establishing custody and support, we can help.

Our team of family lawyers takes time to understand the unique circumstances surrounding our clients’ cases, spending time gathering thorough documentation and supplying guidance through court hearings. As attorneys with extensive experience practicing California family law, we know the ins and outs of family law claims. Contact our office to discuss the details of your case and allow us to come alongside you and help you navigate it.

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