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Fontana Domestic Violence Lawyer

Fontana Domestic Violence Lawyer

Fontana Domestic Violence Attorney

Fontana Domestic Violence Lawyer
Fontana Domestic Violence Lawyer

When relationships involve frequent arguments that tend to get out of hand, the situation can become dangerous if one or both parties involved become aggressive or violent. If you are in a situation in which you or you and your children are not safe around your partner, former partner, roommate, or another past or current individual whom you’ve been in a relationship with, it is imperative that you protect yourself by seeking legal counsel. Alternatively, if you have been accused of domestic violence in Fontana, CA, especially if you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, you need to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced domestic violence lawyer.

All American Law combines 30 years of experience in domestic violence cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. We have successfully handled some of the most complicated domestic violence cases, and our clients appreciate our intensive approach and comprehensive knowledge base of state laws. The attorneys at All American Law are respectful and understanding of clients’ unique needs and situations, and our primary goals are to protect our clients’ rights, defend their innocence, and help them move forward with confidence.

California’s Definition of Domestic Violence

In Fontana, domestic violence occurs when someone commits abuse against a minor or adult with whom they have a current or personal relationship. For instance, when an abuser harms one of the following individuals, it is considered domestic violence: 

  • Spouse
  • Former spouse
  • Roommate
  • Former roommate
  • Individuals with whom they are having or have had a child with
  • Someone they were formerly or are currently dating
  • Someone they were in an engagement or are in an engagement relationship with

Domestic violence can take many forms, such as physical assault, psychological abuse, intimidation, sexual abuse, and even stalking. If you are a victim of any of these acts, immediately call the police and report the crime. Law enforcement has an obligation to prevent further acts of domestic abuse against you and will remove your abuser from the premises, in most cases, immediately. At that point, you should file for a temporary restraining order until a formal hearing for a permanent order can be enacted. A well-established domestic violence attorney can work closely with victims of domestic violence to take the proper legal recourse to secure the safety of all victims.

Obtaining a Restraining Order

If you are unsure of how to go about filing for a restraining order, a domestic abuse attorney can help. Dealing with the emotional stress of legal proceedings can be supported by professional legal assistance.

How Domestic Violence Charges Can Affect You

When someone gets a domestic violence conviction, it can be life-changing and affect many areas of your life, especially the custody of your children. Depending on your job, it can also affect your ability to remain in your position or seek other jobs that consider individuals with these convictions unfit for the work required. It could also affect one’s ability to volunteer. Thus, a charge of domestic violence should not be taken lightly and requires careful handling.

Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been charged with a domestic violence charge, you aren’t alone. Oftentimes one parent falsely accuses the other parent of domestic violence to serve their own interests in subsequent court proceedings such as child custody. When this occurs, it is often very hard to prove they are being dishonest, but with the right attorney, a potentially case-altering defense can ultimately optimize the outcome of a case. Some ways an attorney can be an asset to a domestic violence case are below.

A domestic violence attorney can:

  • Gather evidence for your case
  • Conduct witness interviews and collect witness statements
  • Help you prepare for every phase of court proceedings
  • Explain the laws to you
  • Explain your options
  • Protect your family’s interest
  • Defend your rights
  • Assist in forming a strong defense

FAQs About Fontana, CA Domestic Violence Laws

​How Much Is the Fine for Domestic Violence in Fontana, California?

Domestic violence charges under the California Penal Code include punishment in county jail for a maximum of one year or in state prison for anywhere from two years to up to four years. In addition, fines can be as much as $6,000. In many cases, jail or prison time and fines are incurred by those convicted of domestic violence.

What Is the Max Time for Domestic Violence in California?

While the maximum charge for a domestic violence felony in California is up to four years in state prison, depending on the injury of the victim, the sentence may be longer. In addition, fees may be incurred; all those convicted of domestic violence are required to attend mandatory domestic violence anger management classes.

​How Much Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost in California?

Many factors can affect the cost of a criminal defense attorney in California, but the average hourly rate is around $200 to $500. Generally, a retainer is paid upfront, and the hourly rate is deducted from this retainer as your lawyer spends time on your case. More money might be necessary to maintain representation from your lawyer, depending on their experience and the complexities of your case.

​What Is Considered Felony Domestic Violence in California?

Most first-time offenses of domestic violence are charged as misdemeanors; however, repeated offenses can easily turn a domestic charge into a felony charge, especially if there was an injury resulting from the act of domestic violence or if the act involved a child victim or a deadly weapon.

Getting Legal Help from a Fontana Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are a victim of domestic violence, All American Law can help secure your safety and the safety of your family by filing a restraining order against your abuser. It is important to act sooner than later to protect yourself and other family members who may be in danger of being harmed. Alternatively, if you have been charged with domestic violence, All American Law can assist you in defending your rights and protecting your interests. Whatever your legal needs are involving domestic violence, call All American Law today and speak with one of our legal team members and get answers to your questions regarding your domestic violence case in Fontana.

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